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Well, the quarter’s over. What do we have to show for ourselves?

Final critique went amazingly well. I’m fairly certain we impressed a great deal of our classmates with the Asteroids3D project. In addition to that deliverable, we’ve added a case study to highlight the major parts of our project.

Illustrations coming someday.

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Three Pi Squared


I took the first one million digits of Pi, and pulled ten random colors from a photograph to show numbers zero through nine.

Every square was assigned a different number from the first one million digits of Pi, and colored with the color assigned to that number.

Each square then progresses to the next color at its own rate, making a twinkling animation. Click the image above to go see the animation!

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Pi is relaxing…

I could watch this all day. Actually, for almost 3 days.
Pi3D: Version 1 (give it a moment or several)

I loaded a text file containing the first million decimals of pi into proce55ing.  I then created about 180 PiPoint objects to keep track of waveform values. I have an offset counter that keeps track of what point we’re on, and each PiPoint is smart enough to find out its y-value based on the offset counter and its distance from the front of the ribbon.

In actuality, the ribbon stays in place, while the values of pi tween through it. When the points change direction it means they’ve reached a whole decimal. The slope in between represents the difference between consecutive numerals. For example, if you take 3.14, the difference between 1 and 4 is three. So if you start at a ribbon value of 1 (the 1 in 3.14) and travel 1/3 of the distance between the 1 and the 4, you’ll arrive at a ribbon value of 2. Likewise, 2/3 of the distance gets you to 3, and 3/3 (all the distance) gets you all the way to 4.

A displacement of n in the offset counter is the same as no displacement but starting pi at 10*pi*n.  It’s really not mathematically significant at all, but it looks pretty cool.

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Processing (Proce55ing) Experiments…

Tried my hand at Processing. Interesting stuff. Just playing around to find out what the capabilities are. Here are some links:

Moving dots: Dots

3D Cube: Cube  (takes a little while)